Our journey to bring high quality, healthy choco dates & snacks to children & adults started with a revelation. We saw that the school meals where packed with high calorie, high sugar, high saturated fat snacks of every size and flavor, but only a small contingent of healthy options. We realized that if we want our children to live fulfilled and healthy lives, they needed to eat foods that would enable them to do that.

So we founded Fidya – Tasty, Healthy Snacks on the belief that great-tasting, natural, and healthy snacks could be a positive force in our children’s lives, and enable them to live wholesome lives unencumbered by health complications that arise from a steady diet of high caloric, high in sugar and fat foods. Our Snacks are a healthy choice for anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle through a nutritionally balanced diet sourced from natural ingredients. They are especially a great snack alternative for children & adults, providing them with essential nutrients and energy necessary for their well-being and development.

Today, Fidya provides a unique blend of natural exotic tropical fruits, dried fruits, ancestral foods and various seeds containing a wide spectrum of nutrients including a plethora of minerals, vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids. The result is a snack that tastes great and provides a healthy alternative in your diet. Our Snacks are perfect for when you need a boost of energy, or simply as a meal on-the-go. For whatever nutrition you need, there’s a Fidya Snack for you.